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  • One Wish Alone Have I

    One wish alone have I:
    In some calm land
    Beside the sea to die;
    Upon its strand
    That I forever sleep,
    The forest near,
    A heaven near,
    Stretched o’er the peaceful deep.
    No candles shine,
    Nor tomb I need, instead
    Let them for me a bed
    Of twigs entwine.

    That no one weeps my end,
    Nor for me grieves,
    But let the autumn lend
    Tongues to the leaves,
    When brooklet ripples fall
    With murmuring sound,
    And moon is found
    Among the pine-trees tall,
    While softly rings
    The wind its trembling chime
    And over me the lime
    Its blossom flings.

    As I will then no more
    A wanderer be,
    Let them with fondness store
    My memory.
    And Lucifer the while,
    Above the pine.
    Good comrade mine,
    Will on me gently smile;
    In mournful mood,
    The sea sing sad refrain…
    And I be earth again
    In solitude.


    Translated by Corneliu M. Popescu